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Dear Internet, you are asking me a LOT about how to sell a vintage fur coat. Because I love you and want to help you out, here is a follow up to my piece on Grandma’s

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Hello and happy Tuesday, vintage lovers!!! As I begin to learn more specifics on the vintage styles which we know and love, I’m often found in a conundrum of

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Beaver Fur Coats Hats Pelts Hides & Skins – Sheared Beaver Fur. Beaver, which was once native to Europe, is now found only in North America in quantity.

A few weeks ago on the Sammy Davis Vintage fan page, I posed the following question: “Where do you stand with wearing vintage fur?” As I expected, the responses

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Vintage Rodeo Leather Rabbit Fur Aviator Hat – Brown. Inspired by the hats bomber pilots wore in WWII. This trendy and durable aviator style hat is made with superior

For fashionistas who both love s and wearing fur, going vintage seems like a simple solution. Old furs don’t directly contribute to the profits of modern fur

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Beaver fur is thick, soft, warm and hard-wearing. Beaver fur is used in it’s natural length, plucked, or sheared. Natural Beaver has a long shiny wirey top layer of

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Fur Coats New & used furs for men and women wholesale price direct from the manufacture sales on garments and accessories.

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