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Escher-style tessellation art, with only easy geometry: Do-it-yourself lessons and projects, art galleries, history, & contests.

Draw the details inside each tessellation, Use Prismacolor pencils to complete the tessellations: Each shape should be different inside – use different color schemes

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Tessellations occur in nature, in the news, in our homes, and in our cities.

Tessellation Town — create tessellations with online movable polygons

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What are tessellations? Basically, a tessellation is a way to tile a floor (that goes on forever) with shapes so that there is no overlapping and no gaps.

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Tessellations. Using this virtual manipulative you may: Add a block to the workspace; Rotate; Change colors; Remove a block; Group blocks; Clone a group of blocks

people in Tesselation Town — create tessellations with online movable polygons

Tessellations are all around us! A tile floor is a good example. Encourage your students to find other tessellating patterns in the world around them.

Tessellate!: Create a tessellation by deforming a triangle, rectangle or hexagon to form a polygon that tiles the plane. Corners of the polygons may be dragged, and

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