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Many teens have no clue about whether the hymen is broken. Learn ways to check if your hymen is intact and learn the different states of hymens.

The hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. It forms part of the vulva, or external genitalia, and is similar in

This is a perfect annular hymen. It is called annular because the hymen forms a ring around the vaginal opening. As the hymen starts to erode from sexual or other

In recent times, there has been an increased in hymen repair surgeries. Since there is a trend in pre-marital sex in recent times, many women have chosen to have it

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Hymen: a thin membrane that surrounds the opening to the vagina. Hymens can come in different shapes. The most common hymen in teens is shaped like a half moon

What is a Hymen? The hymen is an anatomical component of the genito-urinary tract in females. Â Males do not have a hymen. In a female’s vulva or external genitalia

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Natural looking & functioning Hymen through micro-surgical layered Hymenoplasty Surgery in New Delhi, Delhi, India by specialist in Hymen Plastic Surgeon

“A fold of mucous membrane partly or fully closing the opening of the vagina” Just the Facts: What You Need to Know. All teens are born with a hymen

Read medical definition of Septate vagina Septate vagina: A rare condition in which the vagina is divided, usually longitudinally, to create a double vagina.

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