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PETG 3D Filament, PLA 3D Filament, ABS 3D Filament & 3D Printing Supplies made in the USA – Buy Factory direct and save big with

DuPont™ Zytel® PLUS combines strength and stiffness with chemical resistance in high temperature plastic materials for demanding automotive uses.

This small easy-to-print device can protect your filament-based 3D printer from two common issues – dust and friction. A piece of sponge wipes the f

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PRO Series PLA is a formulation of PLA filament intended for producing professional, high quality, 3D printed parts. It features a visually distinct finish and a more

Find out more about basic principles of production, characteristics and uses of nylon fiber.

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Armadillo™ 3D printing filament by NinjaTek is an easy-to-print, rigid filament. A perfect alternative to most common rigid materials on the market.

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(Updated 2017) Comprehensive list of many available Materials for FFF / FDM 3D Printers. PLA Blends, Flexible Filament, PET, HIPS, Nylon & Next Gen.

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Go to our Store NOTE: We now ship some Nylon Materials on the Standard 8″ spools as well as smaller 5″ spools so some spools may look different from past smaller 5

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Our Onyx material is at the core of all Markforged printers starting with the Onyx One. It is a beautiful black filament made from combining tough nylon with micro

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