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When three mountain lion cubs were discovered with their mother, P-39, in the Los Angeles area last July, experts were concerned about the cubs’ chances for survival.

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The cougar (Puma concolor), also commonly known as the mountain lion, puma, panther, or catamount, is a large felid of the subfamily Felinae native to the Americas.

Cleburne resident Norma Hadley said a mountain lion attacked and killed her teen’s , Hank, sometime overnight between Sunday and Monday.

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The Trapped by Mountain Lions trope as used in popular culture. A subplot (usually in a drama) that is so disjointed from the main plot that you can’t figure …

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In 2012, a mountain lion fled his home in the Santa Monica Mountains and journeyed 20 miles to Mount Hollywood. He slunk across freeways, bounding between trucks and

Apr 18, 2017 · A mountain lion snatched a barking from the bedroom of a California homeowner as she and her slept just feet away, authorities said. Victoria

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The puma ( Puma concolor, or Felis concolor ) is a type of large cat found in North and South America. They are also called Mountain Lions and Cougar. The Florida

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The 4 Stages of Fear, Attacked-by-a-Mountain-Lion Edition Fight and flight are part of the brain’s automatic system for dealing with life-threatening situations—but

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May 20, 2012 · A mountain-lion attack leaves a woman with life-threatening puncture wounds and half her face ripped off, and she is airlifted to a hospital where the

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