Left Foot Tattoos

Rihanna’s latest tattoo is a camouflage print shark on her left ankle. The tattoo was done by artist Bang Bang at his New York City studio on September 2016.

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Though foot tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, the one question that continues to haunt people is whether foot tattoos fade of faster. The answer

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Historical information from the tribal art of Borneo to the wood block prints of Japan. Alphabetical listing of studios around the world, events, links and an artist

The meaning of star tattoos + 40 awesome free designs and pictures. Designs inlcude: nautical stars, shooting stars, star of life, moon star & many more star tattoo

On the list of some of the most popular places for tattoos, for newcomers and ink aficionados alike, is the foot. The different angles, sizes, and designs that the

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How to Care for a Foot Tattoo. Foot tattoos are unique and interesting. However, because of the location, your tattoo is susceptible to infection and irritation.

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Sierra has “TOUR 09” written vertically on the inside of her left foot, along with some other worn off tattoos. She gave this tattoo to herself while her band

75 armband tattoo designs, including tribals, feminine and Celtic armband tattoos + many more variations. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge and view the full design.

Pink’s Tattoo Count: Over 25! If you’re interested in learning about pop star Pink’s tattoos, you had better set aside a solid block of time,

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Official Harry Styles Tattoo Count: 67! Here’s the list… Harry Styles tattoos have been growing in number for quite a few years, and the One Directi

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