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The Samurai Archives History Page is an in-depth research page on Japanese Samurai History, with details of the samurai warriors and battles of Japanese History.

Russo-Japanese War: (1904–05), military conflict in which a victorious Japan forced Russia to abandon its expansionist policy in the Far East, becoming the first

On this day in History, FDR warns Japanese against using poison gas on Jun 05, 1942. Learn more about what happened today on History.

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A long standing stigma has been placed on Japanese Geisha teens. When someone thinks of a Geisha, they think of a glorified prostitute or call teen. This is far from

Old Japanese is the oldest attested stage of the Japanese language. Through the spread of Buddhism, the Chinese writing system was imported to Japan.

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Twentieth Century history is one of the most controversial subjects in the Japanese college curriculum, reports Mariko Oi.

History of Japan. Overview, and ancient to modern Japan

Japanese Tattoos: History and Culture. Traditionally, Japanese tattoos began as a means of conveying societal status as well as serving as spiritual symbols that were

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