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Even the pickiest cat won’t refuse these crunchy homemade salmon cat treats. With just a little effort you can bake 500 kitty treats for a fraction of cost

How to Make Cat Toys. Cats love to play and cat lovers can spend many hours lost in the pursuit of keeping kitty amused. Like most good things in life, you don’t need

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How to Make Homemade Rabbit Toys. Rabbits are curious s that need toys to challenge and entertain themselves. You can buy toys from a store, but you can just as

A variety of commercial cat toys are available that tickle the fancy of the most jaded feline fanatic. But you can spend a wad of cash and go through quite a

You can make this homemade cat treat dough in a bowl, but it whips up quickly in a food processor. If the dough appears to be too sticky, simply add more flour a

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CatToys.com Because Every Cat Needs Cat Toys. We offer a wide variety of fun, entertaining, and interactive toys for cat’s healthy play and exercise. We also have

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We have a 20- cat, Smoki, who is a bit finicky, so I went looking for a recipe he would like. This one is my modification of Recipe #91152, adjusting it to

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Looking for homemade cat treats that are easy to make? We’ve gathered four of our favorites.

Homemade and cat treats are super simple to make! These recipes are a great way to make your own pet treats, especially if your pet has allergies!

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Check out our step-by-step guide for five ways to use TP rolls to make some fun homemade cat toys.

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