Don T Use The Mouth

Please Don’t Touch! is the second solo album by English guitarist Steve Hackett, and his first after leaving Genesis in 1977. The album featured several guests

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If you have a bunch of coconut oil in your pantry, you don’t have to throw it out. While you should at least limit the amount you consume (as you should with all

Don’t Tread on Me! This Gadsden flag history tells how the rattlesnake became a potent symbol of American independence.

People. Don (given name), a short form of the masculine given name Donald in English; Don (honorific), a Spanish, Portuguese, southern Italian, and Filipino title

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Today we had a service call from our favourite Miele Senior technician. He said to NEVER use vinegar in the washing machine or the dishwasher Yes, it shines the

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OUR HOTTEST T-SHIRT DESIGNS – How the fuck do we keep coming up with crazy, funny, and offensive shit all the fucking time? It must be all the fucking alcohol and

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Attitude T-Shirts – We don’t have any God-damned attitude, you stupid motherfucker. We just tell it like it fucking is, and you weak-minded fucks are going to have to

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This is what I tell them: You don’t have to forgive in order to move on. Understand that if a person comes in and finds that the word “forgiveness” resonates, I

People in the first group unquestionably need to avoid gluten, and people with wheat allergies should certainly avoid wheat. People in the last group don’t really

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