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With the Supreme Court Hearings last week on homosexual unions—and Obama’s own endorsement—Jews are at the forefront in promoting ‘gay’ marriage. Jewish

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Decrying a “scourge of discrimination” against LGBT individuals in four states, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Thursday doubled the number of

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Historical The Caucus was formed originally in June 2002. Its role is to present a forum for the CALegislature to discuss issues that affect LGBT Californians and to

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Why same-sex marriage is an American value.

In re Marriage Cases, 183 P.3d 384 (Cal. 2008) was a California Supreme Court case where the court held that laws treating classes of persons differently based on

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Proposition 8; Eliminates Rights of Same-Sex Couples to Marry. Initiative Constitutional Amendment

Jul 27, 2016 · Read CNN’s Fast Facts on same-sex marriage and learn more about gay marriage legislation around the world.

Background, arguments, quotes and video on the issue, provided by a non-partisan group.

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